The Great Big LEGO Worlds Blog Post!

The Great Big LEGO Worlds Blog Post


Howdy folks!

Since LEGO Worlds launched in March, the TT Games team have been busying away implementing all sorts of new features, fixes and free fun things informed by your feedback. Whether you’ve crafted something creative and shared it with our social channels, discovered something dastardly and uploaded a video to YouTube or plonked a passionate post on Reddit, chances are we’ve seen it. We’re always aiming to improve the LEGO Worlds experience and to have so many passionate players share their opinions has really helped shaped our priorities: addressing issues, optimising performance and delivering an array of new features across all formats. To give you a better idea of what all these additions and amends looks like, here’s a quick video covering just a handful…



Today LEGO Worlds makes another significant stride in delivering the stuff you desire with Title Update 3 and it’s absolutely packed with an array of awesomeness. Boot up the game today and you can expect to see…


The Planner Tool

Construct a massive mansion or ravishing residence rapidly with the Planner Tool. Located within the Build Tool, the Planner lets you pick a plethora of pre-built walls and materials to quickly construct a particularly dapper dwelling in a few short seconds. If you’ve ever wanted to create a house, town or city quickly and easily then you’ll find this tool especially handy.


Discovery Menu

There’s hundreds of animals, items, vehicles and more for you to find in LEGO Worlds so we’ve decided to update the Discovery Menu. Now your funky findings are filtered into categories and the ability to search for a specific item has been added too. Not only that, we’ve added silhouettes for the items you’ve yet to find so you know exactly how much you might be missing.

Landscape Shapes

You all love building so we’ve updated the Landscape Tool with a suite of new shapes. No longer are you limited to cubes or spheres but wedges, cylinders and more are now available along with the ability to rotate their angle in a variety of ways.

Sky Spinner

Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day so we’ve crafted a clock that’ll let you fast forward to a romantic sunset or eerie evening with ease. Once you’ve amassed enough Gold Bricks   and handed them to PUG-Z you’ll find the Sky Spinner in your inventory.

Camera Car

We’ve seen hundreds of amazing creations since launch so we’ve made filming flicks and snapping pics an absolute breeze with the Camera Car. If you’ve ever dreamt of making a movie or becoming the next big thing on YouTube then this is the car for you! You can even team up with a friend to create something especially epic. This tool is so cool we’ve gone and crafted a mini video to help get you started…



We are still looking at Survivor and will have an update next year, but right now we are focused on improving everyone’s gameplay experience before adding new gameplay modes. Our priority right now is you, and we hope you find all the features and fixes of Title Update 3 as fun as we did making them. We can’t wait to see what you craft and that’s just a snippet of what’s available today! Waypoints have been updated, the Galaxy Map has received an overhaul, new quest types have been added, more Achievements/Trophies are now available, numerous tool improvements have been made and LOADS more. There’s never been a better time to jump into LEGO Worlds so be sure to download the latest patch and check it out.


Once you’re in the game be sure to check out the Brick Build Showcase. We’re celebrating the arrival of our brand new Monsters DLC with some suitably spooky showcase models that you can plonk into your world absolutely free! If you like those, be sure to check out the brand new Monster Pack which officially launches today too. Explore a brand new haunted world, discovering creepy costumes, haunted houses, ghastly vehicles and more…


Phew! That should keep you all busy until we roll out our final update of 2017 (keep an eye out for more news on that soon) and then we’re into the new year where we’ll have some very exciting news to share on a few long discussed features… ;)



The TT Games Team