LEGO® Worlds coming to PlayStation®4 & Xbox One® in February 2017!

In LEGO Worlds, players explore procedurally-generated worlds filled with extraordinary, beautiful and occasionally ridiculous environments made entirely of LEGO bricks. On a journey to become a Master Builder, they gain the creative power to build anything imaginable – to shape worlds and tell their own stories with complete freedom.

As players discover treasures, tools, vehicles and weapons, encounter amazing creatures, and stumble upon towns and dungeons, every adventure will be different and filled with surprises. Powerful terraforming tools re-shape the geography. Awesome vehicles dig, smash and steamroll their way through landscapes. Models, buildings and creatures can be placed anywhere. Players can even build and edit landscapes and models at a brick-by-brick level. Split-screen and online multiplayer functionality enables people to explore, build and play together. From giraffe-riding cowboys to motorbike-racing vampires; from polar bears to dragons; from bazookas to bagpipes – LEGO Worlds has it all!