LEGO® Dimensions™ Ghostbusters Story Pack & Wave 6 out now!

One year of LEGO Dimensions has passed us by, and what better way to celebrate our 1st anniversary with a huge wave of new content? Wave 6 is now out for LEGO Dimensions. Extend your play with these awesome additions to the hero roster!

  • Ghostbusters Story Pack!
    New York is in deep trouble! Get Abby Yates and the Ghostbusters team ready for a series of spook-filled battles bigger than this world and the next! With six levels of action closely following the movie plot, you'll have no time to rest!

There are also two brand new Level Packs:

  • Mission: Impossible Level Pack
    Super-spy Ethan Hunt is being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become the IMF's top secret agent as he attempts to clear his name in his biggest challenge yet! The acrobatic Ethan is equipped to the max with access to an arsenal of advanced IMF devices like his Magnetic Gloves, Remote Control Drone and not to mention his trademark Disguise tech to allow him to go completely undercover for his most top secret missions!
  • Adventure Time Level Pack
    Build Finn the Human and help him prove himself as righteous in a brand new level! This pack arms him with all of his Swords, which give him a huge advantage over any evil that he may encounter within Ooo or any other dimension!

And the following Team & Fun Packs:

  • Harry Potter Team Pack
  • Adventure Time Team Pack
  • A-Team Fun Pack