LEGO® Dimensions™ Midway Arcade Level Pack & Wave 4 out now!

Wave 4 is now out for LEGO Dimensions. Extend your play with these awesome additions to the hero roster!

  • Midway Arcade Level Pack!
    In a run-down part of town, trouble is stirring. An old forgotten arcade building boots up, causing games of the past that were once loved and played by many to come alive, literally. Heroes and villains alike pour from the dusty cabinets and into our reality. These entities are powered by the energy of Lord Vortech and his dimensional tampering.  Luckily, help is at hand! The hero of the hour, the last patron of this forgotten gem: Gamer Kid is here.

Also out now:

  • Aquaman Fun Pack
  • Stay Puft Fun Pack
  • Superman Fun Pack

Keep an eye out for these other cool heroes to join to fray in May!

  • Slimer Fun Pack
  • Lloyd Fun Pack
  • Bane Fun Pack